• Blockchain, Crypto and ICO advisory and development services. Brisbane & Gold Coast
    Smart Contract Development
    General Blockchain and Crypto currency advise and assistance.
    Whitepaper creation and editing services.
    Smart Contract and ERC20 development and advice.
    ICO website design and development.
    Not financial or investment advice.
  • Block-chain, Crypto Currency and ICO advisory
    We offer consulting and advice to individuals and businesses whom are wanting to get started in and Block-chain space throughout Australia. We have many years of experience in Programming and Financial markets and a passion in spreading awareness of Blockchain, Initial Coin Offerings, Distributed Applications and the economic driving forces which will continue to push this new economic paradigm forwards. We do not offer financial advice.
    Advisory Service
    Advisory services and guidance for individuals or businesses looking for assistance in the space in general. Get any questions which you may have answered regarding digital-currency or block chain technology. If you have ideas regarding an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), we would love to hear about it and offer our knowledge of the area.
    Initial Coin Offerings
    Initial Coin Offering assistance and guidance from the early conceptual stages to the whitepaper creation, website design and development and ERC20 deployment. We offer a variety of services in the space and for the right sort of projects can work for a % of your token distribution.
    Development Services
    With extensive Programming, IT and web development experience, we can provide insights on how you may be able to use Blockchain technology and tokens within your current business model. We can also offer smart contract / DAPP / ERC20 Development and are also highly capable in traditional website development.

    “The swarm is headed towards us”

    Satoshi Nakamoto


    We are excited about the potential for related technologies that are behind digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  We realize know how this whole new area can be extremely daunting for new comers and many understandably have issues even getting their toe in the water.  This is revolutionary not only financial markets but to the whole structure of business itself and we believe that this technology has the potential to affect almost everything and it will completely dwarf the internet itself in terms of disruption.

    Whether you are an individual trying to get a grasp of this area or a business looking at potentially developing their own token and launching an ICO, we can help.

    We offer Smart Contract / DApp / ERC20 Development, Whitepaper creation and general consultations.

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